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Responsibility of business and state in formation of social security

Л. В. Давыдов


The article is considered problem of responsibility of business and government in the formation of social security in modern Russia. The relevance of the article is in the influence of the material conditions of people’s lives on their actions aimed at meeting their needs, which in turn act as the main motive of all modern «color revolutions ». Nationalism and religious fundamentalism not just paint in a variety of colors these revolutions, but also distort their real social causes, the material conditions of life, which can be produced either by profit or by salary. Most indicative, but more drowned in nationalism its social essence is the Ukrainian revolution in which nationalism was undisguised energy of the masses, the government and business. This revolution of modernity began to exploit nationalism, in order to conceal the real purpose of his — the redistribution of property, privatization still retaining state ownership. Only in the form of fascism nationalism is able to conceal the real struggle for property and for its real expression — money. The purpose of this paper is evidence that the proportion of financial wealth belonging to various classes of society depends on the degree of security in today’s society, and the share of wealth owned by the different classes of society depends on the responsibility of business and government, based in fact, and not formally on welfare all people regardless of their position in society.


accountability; business; government; security; living conditions; needs; revolution; freedom; morality


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