Innovative conflicts in Russian enterprises and technology to overcome their

В. Н. Шаленко, З. В. Колосов


The article is devoted technologies overcome conflicts arising at Russian enterprises. The basic static and dynamic properties of conflict (causes, structure, function, dynamics) opinion poll conducted by the social networks of managers, professionals and technical performers (two questionnaires were created on 59 questions each, addressed general issues regarding to conflicts, management issues, economic, psychological, technical characters). Based on a survey compiled a list of requirements that must be considered in the development of innovative technologies to overcome conflicts in Russian enterprises. Finally, detail painted the technology (introduction of the conflict, according to the requirements developed by us will occur in four stages, each of which uses components and technology management IC, which includes the management of IR). Consideration of conflict and innovative development of effective technologies to overcome them is an important step in addressing a number of contradictions, conflicts related to the introduction of innovations, reducing destructive and increasing their level of positive impact on the economic organizations, and as a result better meet social needs.


innovation; conflict; conflict innovation; innovation process; socio-economic system

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