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Sociological bases of conflict management in modernization Government of Russia educational institutions

Н. А. Пруель, Д. В. Коротаев


Article is directed on revealing of sociological bases of conflict-management in management of educational institutions. It is devoted to reflection of the institutional contradictions of the modernization of the high professional education. Authors notice that transition of Russia to market transformations has led to institutional changes in domestic model of manufacture and knowledge distribution. In the conditions of introduction of practice of the market coordination based on freedom of an economic choice of various subjects, the Soviet model of an educational policy could not be carried out any more as before, therefore there was its destruction. The new institutional model of manufacture and distribution of knowledge to Russia in many respects depends already on institutional operating conditions of market economy, behavioural strategy of its subjects, and also from a labour market condition which organizational relations and is standardvaluable structure of the sociolabor ethics, corresponding market economy are built in. Thereupon authors discuss institutional contradictions of modernisation of the Russian higher education which contact the basic directions of reconstruction of the higher school as uniform system: distribution of the same educational cycles (a bachelor degree — a magistracy); introduction of educational credits (test units); maintenance of quality of preparation of experts etc. The permission of institutional contradictions contacts authors increase of efficiency of the social government as which main criterion development of public participation in the formation, realised on the basis of a principle of social partnership acts.


the modernization of the high professional education; the institutional problems; the social government; the public participation in the education


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