Modernisation of Russian universities: to problem of mastering of contradictions of Bolognia system

И. Д. Миннахметов


The author underlines the importance of an accurate estimation of the potential of Russian universities, which concentrates mainly on the internalemployment market without assusming Russia’s fullintegration into the European educational sphere with in the immediate future. As mainhindrance to integration on ecouldname educational traditions, conservative values, in flexibility of everydayliving habits as well as conservatism of education system. This canclearly be observed in the process the Bolognia standards are being applied. The Bolognia system is being reduced to a formal level of a two-tiersteaching system, the evaluation system, the creditpoint system linked to the quantity of deliveredwork and other formalities. However, the content and quality of highereducation remains the same. Authoritarian pedagogical attitudes are being continued, lowering and hampering the student’smotivation, initiative and personal responsibility. Amongst the students he former lack of independen ceisperpetuated and reflected in the ineffective realisation of the Bachelor and Masters system, a system that relies on a high degree of the student’s independent and selfmotivated work. We see a contradiction in the modernizing efforts of higher education as exercised in the Bolognia system, as it operates inside a context of extreme formal restrictions and over complex administrative structure smaking up the existing national system. The reform of the highereducational system enjoys general public interest — however, as a rule — itsinterests do not coincide with those of the production orientated systems of highereducation. Norshould its modernisation and development be trapped inside the existing educational and administrative system. As a matter of fact this constitutes not only a hindrance to the developmen to fhigher education and society, but constitutes a deeplyrootedinner contradiction of a systematic character, the origins of which liedeeply in-bedded in the history of the nation. Generally we canstate that the modernisation of Russia’s highereducation system and ist adaptation to the Bolognia systemproves in its elfreadiness to follow this new direction. Active cooperation with Europe in the globalisation processes will serveas the guarantee of Russia’s enlightenmentand development in ist presence and future.


modernisation; highereducation system; Bachelor and Masters system; principals; contradictions; Bolognia system; market

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