Role of ideology in preserving of socio-political order

Д. Е. Гвардин


The article is dedicated to the analysis of the role of ideology in preserving socio-political order. In scientific literature and political journalism, the term «ideology» typically means the body of attitudes towards reality, ways of reclaiming and transforming it with respect to goals, values, and ideals accepted by various subjects of socio-cultural life: from the individual, group, class, society, to the humanity as a whole. For the purposes of this article, political ideology means a system of ideas, values, and beliefs which justifies a social subject’s claim to authority and the usage of this authority to one’s advantage. Further, ideology is analyzed as a factor of socio-political order. Socio-political order is a complex of conditions which ensure the viability of a political system functioning and developing, where: the basic objectives and values of the system are implemented in a consistent way; the actions of the management system elements are coordinated; there are efficient safeguards and maintenance facilities for all security aspects: military, legal, ecological, technological, economical; the society is highly independent from incidental factors. Judging by the contemporary discussion of ideology issues both in Russian and global literature, the researchers are abandoning the «deideologization» paradigm and reconsidering ideology as an important factor of socio-political life underlying the preservation of socio-political order. Obviously, such reconsideration of the role of ideology in the political process requires new, more adequate conceptual tools, which are also reflected in this article.


ideology; state ideology; political ideology; socio-political order

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