Technologies of management by political conflicts

А. А. Путиловский


This article focuses on conflict management technologies and the application of specifictechnologies to political conflicts. Usually historical methods of working with conflict are divided into: war, court, negotiation, mediation and lot. The article is devoted to modern structured and detailed technologies. Conflicts are studied by many sciences: conflictology, philosophy, political studies, sociology, psychology, law. Some of them are engaged in theoretical science comprehension of conflicts entirely or particularly within the studied domains, while others were able to develop specific technologies to work with them. Lawyers, psychologists, and conflictologists are mostly focused on practical work with conflicts. Each of sciences has an extensive set of proprietary technologies. The objection of this study is to implement an overview of key technologies for managing conflicts and determine which of them can be used in dealing with political conflicts, which can be defined as the collision of groups and institutions occurred in order to protect the interests defined in terms of political power. Not the entire set of technologies used by conflictologists, psychologists and lawyers allows efficient management of political conflicts. However, in our opinion, it is impossible to state that their potential in this area is quite developed. Consequently, after overcoming some obstacles, the arsenal of dealing with the political conflicts can be greatly improved and expanded by modern conflict management technologies.


conflict management; political conflict; court; arbitration; constitutional procedures; negotiations; conflictological consulting; mediation; conflictological expertise

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