International Association of Conflctology (IAC) in the Prevention of Modern External and Internal Conflcts

Е. И. Степанов


The paper presents the long-term studies by the International Association of Conflctology of various problems of social conflctology which publish in monographs, collection of works and in the pages of «Conflctology» journal. Its main task is to reveal the problematic fild of social conflctology as a kind of interdisciplinary science. In line with this, it shows that its interdisciplinary nature creates the need for numerous scientifi filds (social philosophy, sociology, political science, social psychology, theory of social communications, etc.) for a thorough conflctological investigation such important social issues, as: a) the total concept and main features of social conflct, b) the types and forms of social conflcts, c) means and methods of diagnosis, prevention and resolution of different types of conflcts — until the formation of the «concept of a culture of peace» as a kind of matrix-known principle of tolerance.


social conflct; interdisciplinary; diagnosis; prevention; resolution method


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