Conflct Potential оf the Global Model of Dependent Development

Н. В. Абдуллаев, Д. А. Абгаджава


The article gives us information about contemporary economic theories viewing world economy as a system of Centre and Periphery. The Centre represented by developed countries and the Periphery — by less developed and commodity countries. Economic relations between Centre and Periphery characterized by imbalanced trade exchange. The article considers the ideas of mercantilism, which gave the base for world imbalanced trade exchange. Further the article represents the ideas of neocolonial policy of developed countries, Marxism and neo-Marxism by Wallerstein, Theory of Dependency by P. Baran and Structuralism of R. Prebisch. Represented economic theories of Dependency agues about growing distance in economic growth of developed and less developed and commodity countries. Early economic theories consider deep destructing contradictions in Capitalism of Dependency which will destroy it. But later economic science admit the possibility of dependent development of global economy what we can watch in contemporary world.


neocolonialism; theory of dependent development; mercantilism; structuralism; corporatocracy


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