Globalization of Social Conflcts

М. С. Халиков


The article is concerned with various tendencies of globalization in social relations as well as in international conflcts. The special focus is made on the fact that at present the capitalist expansion into global processes is observed in large scale which results in increase of economic dependence and therefore leads to necessity of considering and defending the national interests. The prognoses theory of S. Huntington on civilization clashes is thoroughly reviewed. The above-mentioned author underlines that in present international relations the USA is governed by the «new Atlantic community» concept. NATO block plays the main role in this concept. The problem of national security is reviewed in the context of social conflcts globalization. Among the reasons of world conflcts in the age of globalization with its deep economic, technological and social conversion the so-called ecosystem is outlined. One of the reasons of future conflcts is struggling for water resources. Special attention is drawn to the tendency of local conflcts transformation into global ones as well as to the ways of preventing conflcts. Compromise is observed as an effective method of conflcts resolution.


tendencies of globalization; globalization of social relations; globalization of international conflcts; civilizational clashes; national security; «postmodern»; national economy; world system; emerging countries; deindustrialization


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