Prospects for Russian Private Formal-Enterprise Management

А. И. Тюленев


The article describes the orientation, the nature and characteristics ofentrepreneurial activity protagonist of Nikolai Gogol’s poem «Dead Souls» Chichikov, who, based on classifiations and entrepreneurs V. Zombart and M. Weber, described as a typical representative of speculative business, focused on non-violent methods of obtaining benefi from the development and implementation of fraudulent transactions. Chichikov represents a new generation of entrepreneurs epoch of primitive accumulation of capital, to bid on the scam and fraud, which in conditions of imperfect legislation, arbitrary authoritarian rule, corruption of offiials, passivity society promised considerable profis if scams managed to fid a compromise with the powers that be. Chichikov, meanwhile, came into conflct with the authorities and thus doomed his fraudulent plan to fail. The plot of «Dead Souls» served as a model for constructing a model of a modern Russian regional relations of private entrepreneurship with the social environment, under which business activity develops enterprising Russians, including those prone to scam dealers. On the basis of generalization and systematization of data copyright polls experts on entrepreneurship and business practitioners Tatarstan and Mari El concluded that the current situation in the republics favorable enough for the operation and prospects of the private formal-rational enterprise, including speculative entrepreneurial endeavors.


business; entrepreneurship; formally rational enterprise; speculation; fraud; conflct


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