Сonflct as a Condition of Post-Fordist Capitalism Making

Е. И. Наумова


This article is about the analysis of the May’68 events as a generation ofnew type of conflct that led to the Post-Fordist capitalism making. The conflcts, 1960– 1975, had distinctive features: fistly, it was anti-capitalist conflcts; secondly, the subjects of the conflcts were representatives of the antagonistic social group (labor and intellectuals); thirdly, the protest demands were moral and were based on the concepts of freedom and independence. The solution of the conflct can be defied as a consensus concerning to the adoption the principle of flxibility as main principle in the new labor legislation. It was made the new class «precariat» equipped in nonmaterial production. The precariat is connected with the experience of «precarious life» and phenomenon of nonsense job.


conflct; Post-Fordist capitalism; May’68; precariat; precarious life; nonsense job; L. Boltanski; E. Chiapello; D. Graeber; G. Standing


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31312/2310-6085-2015-1-138-146


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