Transformashion of Latin America into Centre of Renovation of Anticapitalist Ideas

Г. Коларов


This article contains analyze of the last fie victories on the elections of the Latin-American left wing. In the result, fie presidents, carriers of anti-capitalistic ideas, were elected to the highest offie: two of them once again, two with an interval, one for the fist time. They strengthened both leftist political blocks in the region. The left centrists will keep on looking for compromises with USA, International Financial Institutions and Transnational Corporations. The left radicals, on former, are looking for a confrontation, although there is a start of potential dialogue.


left wing; elections; president; socialism; communism; anti-capitalism; radical


Латинская Америка. М., 2006. № 6.

Линера Альваро Гарсиа. Пояснения по поводу демократической и культурной революции в Боливии. М., 2010.



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