«Music and Islam» as an Issue in Conflct Management

Е. C. Федорова


This article deals with the problem «Music and Islam» from the point of conflct management. Modern political, social and cultural situation in the world stimulates to contrive ways of handling the situation. The intensity of cultural communications results in numerous conflcts because of misunderstanding of cultural values and differenced between ideological systems of different cultures. One of the most burning current issues is the problem of understanding of Muslim culture and its values. Islam controls all aspects of human’s individual and social life including art and music, which is one of the means of passing cultural values on from one generation to another. It is often said that music is forbidden in Islam. However music is an inherent part of musical culture of the Muslim world and it plays an important role in Muslim rituals such as athan, dhikr, samā‘ and recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Muslim theologies and legal scholars have been arguing whether music is permitted or not since the rise of Islam. As there is no defiite answer neither in Qur’an nor in Sunna this question is forever urgent and results in numerous debates on the subject. Conflcting views on music in Islam often leads to conflcts within Muslim community. That’s why it is essentially important to include this issue into the sphere of conflct management.


Islam; music; Muslim culture; ideological conflct; value conflcts


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