Conflct Potential of Justice

Л. Н. Тимофеева


Justice — the phenomenon which is eternally escaping. Never and nobody is completely happy with the existing order of things. According to the prominent sociologist L. Kozer, fatally inevitable social inequality, the eternal psychological dissatisfaction of members of society and the intensity following from here between individuals and groups caused by their emotional and psychological frustration and the leader spontaneously to mutual hostility and the conflct is inherent in society. Never exists full consent or compliance meanwhile that individuals or groups consider due to them on justice, and what they actually have, own owing to the existing system of distribution. Social justice is inconsistent in essence. The concept of justice is closely connected with idea of impartiality and equality. Starting with Aristotle who gave classical political and philosophical defiition to justice: «justice is equal, but only for equal» and vice versa: «unequal, but only for unequal». In other words, it was talked of a fair inequality and unfair equality. Paradox? Contradiction? We not often think of that, demanding justice that she on herself, and also and in system of ideological coordinates contains conflct potential in personal perception of everyone. In article plots of justice and injustice in connection with T. Hobbes and I. Ilyin’s views, leaders of various currents of liberal, social democratic and socialist thought, the leading political parties of the recent past of Russia are considered.


justice; conflct; fair inequality; unfair equality; parties; social policy; continuous negotiations of the state and society


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