The Philosophy of Violence of Jean Sorel in the Context of Conflctological Paradigm of Analysis of Society

Г. Г. Газимагомедов, А. И. Стребков, А. Н. Сунами


The article analyzes the representation of G. Sorel on the prospects for the development of society, related to the conflct, the class struggle with the idea of universal social strike, which gives rise to revolutionary ideology of the proletariat. Jean Sorel sees in the proletarian violence source of the revolutionary energy of proletariat. Hardly anyone of the thinkers of this period gave the conflct Herculean importance in the transformation of the spiritual state of the whole society. Few researchers besides Jean Sorel focus on Conflctological context of proletarian violence, which plays a subordinate role in his social philosophy. He was looking for something that can unite the oppressed at the period of necessary and required social change and could not fid anything in this full of lies and hypocrisy of bourgeois society, but the class struggle.


violence; violence proletarian socialism; the general strike


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