Political Factors of Social Tensions

Д. И. Анисимов


Social tensions are phenomena that precede and accompany social conflcts and are an important indicator of the latter. Therefore, it is important to study its main reasons, it is necessary for prevention and management of social crises, civil wars, mass protests. Examines the role of political regimes and the party system in the accumulation of social tensions and sewage system. This article describes some of the advanced techniques of empirical research of social tensions in the domestic and foreign science. It is proposed to study various factors of social tensions on the basis of data from the European Social Survey The article analyzes political factors of social tensions. Large social conflcts in the modern world often gets the most extreme forms of violence. Social tensions are complex (multidimensional) phenomena. The basis of social tensions is contradictions in different social spheres (political, economic), social trauma, pressure of the environment. Being unresolved these contradictions generate a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration in large social groups. Social tensions have stage, spheres and forms. Expression of social tensions depends on the public sphere, in which it generates. European Social Survey has great potential and all the necessary data set for the disclosure of many reasons and specifi actions of social tensions. Asked to take over as indicators of social tensions dissatisfaction with life in general, interpersonal trust and attitudes toward immigrants. As a result, the empirical analysis based on data from the European Social Survey clearly demonstrates that political factors of social tensions are distrust of important political institutions and political views of people.


social tensions; conflct; political factors; trust of political institutions; political views; European Social Survey


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