The Intensifiation as a Factor of the Social Modernization: the Conflctological Dimension

Н. А. Вахнин


The author points out that different problems and contradictions which accompany social processes are inevitable on the current level of the development of the society. But rates of changes in the society have markedly increased and consequently old methods of solving the arising problems don’t give positive results which are expected by the society (by its political, economic and other institutions). As a result, the contradictions acute almost in every sphere of the society. The number of conflcts, which sometimes can’t be solved during the long period, increase. We need nonstandard decisions to solve contradictions and arising problems. That’s why we examine in the article not only the origin of the terms “intensity” and “intensifiation” but also the manifestation of these processes in different systems. The comparative analysis of the change of rates of the development and the solution of contradictions and of their specifi in different systems were made. We concentrated on the works of I. I. Schmalhausen, K. M. Zavadsky, A. N. Severtsov, D. G. Simpson and some other famous biologists, in research works of which we can face the rich factual material that gives the possibility to analyze modern social processes. We also make the historical excursus into works of Hegel and Marxist literature. We advise to expand the meaning of terms “intensifiation” and “intensity”, to leave behind the narrow meaning of these terms. The necessity of studying of these problems together with processes of modernization of our society is substantiated.


intensifiation; social modernization; conflct; contradiction; development; process


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