Positively-critical interpretation of phenomena of power and the opposition

Г. Г. Газимагомедов, А. Г. Гамзатова, А. И. Стребков


Тhe article gives an overview of the prevailing notions of power and the opposition in domestic and foreign literature, points out that the modern idea of the government and the opposition do not go It does not go beyond such representations, which are based on an understanding of power as a will, and the relationship between power and the opposition are comprehended in the paradigm of «the will against the will. Wherein does not attach importance to the laws of social development, against the will of people have forced the pressure on them, prejudice their will, their minds and actions. Based on the position of the positive and critical analysis of the power, the laws of interaction between civil society and the government, the authorities and the opposition, as well as security as a measure of classification of the opposition as the system of the opposition, which is not seeking to destroy the prevailing values, we made the assumption that the political processes in Russian political space, linked to the processes taking place in civil society and especially to the processes in its economic sphere.


power; opposition; conflict


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