Co-action of Power and Opposition as a Problem of Dialog

Е. Н. Иванова


The presentation is devoted to the urgent problem of developing constructive dialog between power and opposition. Dialog is seen as a universal model of co-action which may be found in different situations of relationships building between opponents under power imbalance conditions. In this context power is understood as a dynamic characteristic defined by specific of the situation and particular needs of parties, rather than stable subjects’ attribute. The preconditions and consequences of destructive relationships development under such conditions are followed and significance of transition from conflict approach to dialogic one is stressed. On the basis of literature analysis and authors’ surveys of specific features of cooperation between power and opposition subjects in wide context existence of the general laws of conflicts and ways to manage them in different spheres is substantiated. The complex and non-linear nature of transition from conflict to dialogical approach to counteraction of problems and differences is shown. Presentation makes accent on significance of theoretical and applied conflictology to tune constructive dialog between power and opposition. It substantiates necessity of wider application of principles and technologies of constructive dialog in conflict management and social cooperation designing.


dialog; cooperation; power; opposition; problem; model; conflict; counteraction; conflictology; conflict management; technology


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