About decision-taking for modeling and control in the conflicts

Н. А. Крюков, Т. В. Крюкова


In the scientific paradigm, the language of modern conflict are the results of instrumental studies of social processes. Understanding the origins of mathematical language clarifies the adequacy of representations of the surrounding world and society. The rules that formed the basis of the basic concepts and principles is achieved at the General epistemological field. Among the main epistemological issues in this paper some aspects that are relevant to the conflictological research and professional thesaurus. Allocated and describes the basic functional structure of social mechanisms: the phenomenological and the observation of the subject-object relations; analytical — methods of analysis of the collected information and the formation of the image/portrait actors of the studied events; management and decision making to initiate actions. Scheme logic state analysis of the system under investigation and management model behavior with methods of control values of the parameters presented in the form of cognitive maps of the study. The basic stages of management, modeling and development of policies and decision-making. Recommendations to be accepted for use in theoretical teaching and practical activities.


conflict; mathematical modeling; logic; control; reflection; manipulation; decision making; political technologies; mediator; point of view; interaction; feedback


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