Media factor in the conflict between the opposition and the government

А. А. Петрова, Н. В. Петрова


The article examines the impact of the media factor in the conflict between the opposition and the authority. Rapid technological progress has led to the development of the information space. There is a lot of channels through which they can claim to the public its position. The conflict between the opposition and the authorities is the internal political. The public nature of political conflict forces the parties to use the media space for campaigning, advocacy and discussion. The development of the Internet has made it one of the information channels. In the online space, there is a large number of news sites of different political orientation, which gave impetus to the development of such phenomena as online commenting. The article suggests a typology of commentators. As well as some techniques used by parties to the conflict to influence public opinion.


opposition and authority; media factor; information channels; internet space; online commenting


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