Conflict of interests as the basis of opposition the Authorities and Society

А. Ф. Нагайчук


The Article addresses the issue of analyzing the causes of the opposition of society and authorities in modern conditions. The author identifies the main reasons of conflict of interest. This conflict is due to natural causes of growth and development in the polarity of interests and their various forms and accelerated pace of change in the modern world, on the one hand. Also the contemporary political practice is not ready to understand in time, negotiate and implement diverse social interests in politics, on the other hand. The lack of a consolidated conflictological, technological and institutional approaches in science, as well as mature and effective institutions of civil society in practice leads to increased conflict of interests and enhancing internal and external forms of manifestation of opposition. The article provides detailed analysis of the nature and components of interest, given the Marxist, religious-philosophical, institutional, and other interpretations of interest groups and technologies of their origin, function and interaction. Updated theme optimization of interaction between the public, business and government in addressing issues of conflict of interest and the opposition of society and the authorities.


interest; Social interests; conflict of interest; the harmonization of interests in Politics; Interest groups; Political power; Political institutions; Political practice; Political technology; conflictological approach in identifying authorities


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