Conflict aspects of the political debate about the drug problem in modern Russia

А. Н. Сунами


The drug problem is included in the agenda of Russian foreign and domestic policy. In recent years, the Russian government was able to formulate the principal design of the Russian anti-drug policy. Nevertheless, there are a number of issues needed to be solved. At the same time, the needs and interests of social groups that are centered around the way in which the State should carry out anti-drug policies properly are not always adequately manifest through Russia partyism. The identification and explanation of the complex process of coordination of public interest in the fight against drugs in the absence of a developed system demonstration and defend the needs of different social groups — the important task of the Russian conflict studies. The article describes the history of the deployment of the public controversy surrounding the drug in the post-Soviet period, revealed the political groups uncoordinated interest, determined by the quality of the existing today a consensus on how to implement the fight against drugs in Russia. Summarized the available experience and interpreted modern and classical conflict theories, author offers his own view on that by which offset the shortcomings of the Russian party system in terms of demonstrations and defending the public interest on various aspects of the anti-drug agenda.


conflict; drugs; anti-drug policy; authority; opposition; political debates


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