Contemporary Russia’s welfare and public safety in the context of social differentiation

В. Г. Бондарев


Capitalist mode of production, regardless of its stage of development, invariably follows its inherent laws and canons that motivate a human and predetermine his or her social position together with asocial position. Asocial position is an objective condition for opposition and protest, regardless of their mode, be it crime with its extremities — attempts on another person’s life, extremism and terrorism, or be it rallies or public manifestations of dissent. All these forms of existence of the contemporary mode of production are the tangible byproducts of exchange relations which may obtain a social orientation provided a state’s socio-legal function, targeted to reduce social differentiation to the level of developed capitalist states, is activated.


market; state; social policy; social differentiation; opposition; crime


Энгельс Ф. Предисловие к английскому изданию «Положение рабочего класса в Англии» // Маркс К., Энгельс Ф. Соч. 2-е изд. Т. 22. М.: Гос. изд-во полит. лит-ры, 1962.


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