Security problems in the system of preparing masters of conflictology in the St. Petersburg State University

А. А. Петрова, Н. В. Петрова


The security problem in Russia should enter into the education system, where trained specialists teach discipline students can discover the essence of the concept of security to put some instruments, contributing to the development of security in the Russian Federation. To master knowledge about the safety of her features, the complexities of providing the students study political extremism and terrorism, the relationship of these concepts. Get knowledge about the ideological and political currents, to impose their ideas to society, social factors as a prerequisite for the spread of extremism and terrorism, the types of extremist movements in the modern world. The experience of teaching for students conflictology, shows that these programs help to update and merge into a single system of knowledge and skills gained in the study of various subjects for several years devoted to work with different kinds of conflict.


education; security; extremism; terrorism and conflict


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