About political determinants of corruption in the conflictogenic Russian society

А. А. Бочуров, Д. Н. Черезов


The article contains modern ideas about corruption as the phenomenon which has serious political, social and economic consequences. Classification of corruption crimes at the different levels of social and economic space is carried out. Theoretical-methodological approach to studying of corruption as social phenomenon is considered with use of various branches of knowledge: jurisprudence, economics, politology, sociology, conflictology and philosophical ethics. The position showing insufficiency only of a law enforcement actions for corruption counteraction is considered. Corruption crimes on the basis of open reliable sources of criminal statistics in nine months 2015 (the most actual today) are analysed. Dynamics for qualitative and quantitative change of corruption crimes indicators is considered. Opinion of authors is stated about the possible directions of effective counteraction against corruption.


anti-corruption; the political sphere; system analysis; philosophy of consumerism; the statistics of corruption crimes


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