Т. В. Крюкова


The article considers the connection between conflictology and natural sciences and the humanities. Stressed is the interdisciplinary nature of conflictology based on the application of mathematical methodology and information technologies in the humanities and social studies. The role and place of methods of decision support in the analysis and examination of conflicts. The problems underlying the conflict, require systems thinking. Pay particular attention to the study and practical application as analytical tools for the examination of the method of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and analytic network method (ANP) T. L. Saati. An important step of these methods is the formation of meaningful models, problem structuring, building and filling the matrices of pairwise judgments for each level in relation to the upper level of the hierarchy. Thus the solution is represented as a stepwise process of priority setting. In AHP and ANP implemented the descriptive approach, expressed in the account of subjective judgment and normative approach outlined in the algorithm for evaluating local priorities and their subsequent synthesis. The methods are implemented as software and can be used as tools of conflict. The assimilation of the essence of AHP and ANP, contact with their own content enables students to make more informed approach to the use of appropriate software. The article presents the didactic aspects of the discipline requisite for training conflictologists.


system; conflict management; decision making; analysis; assessment; structuring; hierarchy; networks; subjective judgments


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