Д. А. Сидорова


In the article the notion of hospitality as a social institution is considered; attempts to consider it in the light of philosophical and anthropological analysis are engaged. There are two approaches to the study of the hospitality. The first one is called ethnographical and it coincides in general with the conception of Derrida’s “conditional hospitality” which sort with historical context and traditions. The second one is philosophical which is based on the duality of “me” — “another” which corresponds “unconditional hospitality” and appears an empty form for the filling it by historical content, due to which hospitality as an institution can develop. Methods by means of which a person supports relations with outerworldand people, his self-identity, and existing boundaries of interaction are anthropological grounds for the hospitality. Besides, forward encouragement and gratitude for the kind treatment to the guest area significant ground for the hospitality.


hospitality; traditions; human society; “me”-“another” opposition


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