К. Г. Ланда, А. С. Трухин


The article is devoted to the political situation in Saudi Arabia, prospect of implementing a development plan of the KSA “Vision 2030” and the influence of external factors on the economy. The reforms proposed by the King of KSA have economic nature, while political reforms are considered by them as taboo. It is hopeless to count on success in economy without political and social reforms. Taking into account the low oil prices, author raises the question of the feasibility of large-scale social programs, which have been planned by the kingdom. The author stresses the need for economic reforms in the country. He raises the question of the confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran for regional leadership. The author highlights the kingdom steps to neutralize the effects of the partial withdrawal of the sanctions against Iran and the contradictions within the large royal family (about 15 thousand. pers.). All possible reform will undermine the comfortable position of some of them and cause resistance. In addition, lifestyle, habits and aspirations of the bureaucracy are very different from those that demonstrate the king’s son.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; oil dependence; military spending; central bank


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