М. А. Бушмелева


The article analyzes the problem of formation and development of corporate culture as a measure to prevent organizational conflicts. As a hypothesis, the author has proposed to consider six methods of soft integration of an employee into an already existing developed corporate culture with minimal likelihood of conflicts. In modern economic conditions the industry is experiencing a crisis, and this fact gave impetus to the development of other industries such as agriculture, services and tourism. These changes have led to reorganization of companies and the opening of new businesses — these processes are characterized by a high level of tension both entrepreneurs and managers and employees of organizations. In these conditions the formation and/or development of effective corporate culture becomes the most important measure to prevent organizational conflicts, and as a result to form and to promote a progress of the organization on the whole. Rules and norms shared by organization staff, form the microclimate of the company, affect relationships within the team, motivation and efficiency of staff and therefore the company. The main task of corporate culture is to help people to fulfill their responsibilities in the organization productively and also be satisfied from process of work. This task will also help to reduce the level of aggression of each employee because he gets satisfaction from his work and goes to work with pleasure. In order to realize the corporate culture it is necessary to create values, on which each employee and organization as a whole will focus. It is about rules, norms or standards in organizational behavior. Thus, the corporate culture encourages each employee to create a positive image of the company which in turn can reduce the level of conflict in the organization. Skillful use of corporate culture allows to achieve success as well as prosperity, stability and special state when all workers are satisfied with their jobs and feel the involvement to the organization. However, the inept handling of corporate culture will lead to opposite results. The formation of corporate culture should be monitored if you want to have positive results from her and also need to be regulated, improved and developed in critical moments.


organizational conflict; corporate culture; organization


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