Г. Р. Хайдарова


The article considers a new type of media wars, based on the struggle for the imaginary. The most successful name for this type of war is “the image war”, given the concentrated impact on the visual communication layer. If media wars includes all methods of fighting for the imaginary: visual images, propaganda and propaganda art of the word and manipulation of concepts, — the “image war” as its most effective part, takes advantage of the iconic component. Imaginary, which plays the role of object manipulation is primarily involved in this type of war, as it is directly open to the influence of quickly grasp and representation in consciousness of images. In addition, the new value in case of active media influence acquires relatedness of body experience and the imaginary. Left without the support of tactile abilities, an imaginary fruit on a visual level monsters and hybrids. As a consequence it creates technological, anthropologically is not possible Another; dramatically rapidly creates new media technologies, but not constructed in the same way “philanthropic” Friend or “human” rival. As a consequence, in the purely technical approach to the process of confrontation, in a calculative style of thinking inherent escalation. The violence of the image in mediavoice is not a last resort in the conquest of symbolic power, and commonplace; not a means for subduing the will of others, as an end in itself, secured and guaranteed the most endearing nature of the image. Metiabruz by its very nature, immediately carries as a message of war images. The emerging new type of media rationality, including the logic of the functioning and influence of the visual image, requires further detailed studies.


mediawar; image; imagination; mimesis; new media; analytics of media; presentation of the image; force of the image; phenomenon of pain; the visual security; iconoclasm; liberty of imagination; mediarationality


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