С. В. Олейников


The attempt of the analysis of tendencies of development of processes in the modern information space from the point of view of its subjects is made. The divergence of the subject — an object coordinate system of information exchange in which there is an offset of the center of gravity towards the increasing manifestation of subject characteristics at the information is marked. Even more often the information which appeared in Internet open spaces gets out of the control of its author, inheriting the considerable part of its functions, and, being repeatedly modified, turns into the independent participant of network communication. The analysis of the existing approaches to interpretation of information definitions is provided, problems and contradictions are reflected in a terminological discourse. The conflict of subjects of communication is provided in the ratio “cultural” and “information” exchange which becomes obvious using the network social environments. Also the role of the traditional mass media and network means of communication influencing the quality and the principles of communicative process is analyzed in this article. The conclusion is drawn on the serious changes of the nature of communication: along with the transferring and accepting subjects there is a message as the quasisubject that distinctly complicates monitoring and influence on communicative process.


information; information resource; potential; subject; quasisubject


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