С. И. Герасимов, Е. Н. Иванова


Mastery of the Enneagram supposes extended understanding of personal traits subjects in conflict at interindividual level, what can influence on processes taking a place at more high social levels. Effective communication with conflict` subjects due to analysis of their behavioral patterns, perception of these patterns, ability to adapt to these patterns and readiness to build productive relationships. Application of the Enneagram is possible in three modes of interpersonal interaction: individual consulting, direct participation in the interpersonal conflict and the direct mediation mode. The text defines concepts: enneagram, enneatype, enneatypological personality structure, the wing, connection lines (disintegration and integration lines). Components of enneatype are aspects what play important role in the conflict. Working with them can make a positive contribution to the normalization of relations between the participants of social interaction. These components are basal need, central feature of the behavior, structure of related traits, destructors, leading fear, central defense mechanism, value orientation, specifics of verbal and nonverbal behavior. It is advisable to correlate Enneagram with the human basic needs theory by A. Maslow where every enneatype has individual needs hierarchy. This is important for conflictologist to have a systematic knowledge about the content of the enneatype components and to understand the algorithm how to work with them. This is especially true with regard to enneatype destructors, and the relationship of their basal needs, leadings fears and leading central defense mechanisms. Another advantage of the use of the Enneagram in the analysis and management of conflicts is that this characterological model contains a unique approach to understanding the phenomenon of intrapersonal conflict.


enneagram; enneatype; personality psychodynamics; personality disintegration; character; interpersonal conflict; human needs; interests


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