А. Д. Карпенко, А. И. Стребков, А. В. Алейников, Я. И. Русакова


The notion of "around-negotiation process" is not currently used in scientific literature, although it is of great importance in the negotiations. The nearest term — the negotiating context does not sufficiently reflect the meaning and significance of those activities that are being carried out in complex, resource negotiations. For the most part, in the literature, the notion of context has a branch character and considerably narrows the possibility of practical measures to support the negotiation process. The "around-negotiation process" is the result of an analysis of the negotiating environment, its monitoring and part of the negotiation strategy in the form of a set of events for one negotiating party. The article shows the possibility of completing the negotiation construction in an applied aspect when including a negotiation process. The interaction of the "around-negotiation process" through a contextual approach along with other important concepts is considered: the negotiating context and existing factors, the external and internal negotiating environment, negotiation strategy, negotiation management. It is emphasized that the factors of the negotiating environment determine the negotiating resources, allowing them to be strengthened if necessary. The "around-negotiation process" is not an internal component of the negotiations at the table, but permeates their entire structure from preparation to escorting the agreements reached. The article concludes that, despite the increasing complexity of the approach to negotiations through the addition of a around-negotiation process, the effectiveness of achieving goals in complex negotiations is greatly enhanced. The "around-negotiation process" should be viewed from the position of an interdisciplinary approach and contributes to applied conflictology.


conflict studies; interdisciplinary; negotiations; negotiating context; external and internal environment of negotiations; negotiating context factors; negotiation management; negotiating strategy; negotiating purposes


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