BARNAUL SCHOOLCHILDREN: PORTRAIT IN DYNAMICS (2009/2010 and 2016/2017 academic years)

Л. С. Рубан, В. В. Нагайцев


The article studies the process of the formation of patriotic behavior of school boys in Barnaul in 2009 and 2017. Authors prepare analysis of the views and positions of the young peoples, their conflict and tolerance potential. Main goal of this project — help in education of young persons for overcoming difficult life-factors, stopping conflict reactions, protection own interest and understanding interests of the different persons. As result of this work is grows of the tolerance and coordination relations between young persons. To study the ethno-social attitudes of the population, to identify conflict opportunities and prevention of the conflicts, to combat xenophobia and extremism, we use continuous ethno-conflict monitoring and within the framework of the international project «Dialogue partnership as a factor of stability and integration» («Bridge between East and West») and the program «Youth in polyethnic regions: views, attitudes, orientations». Monitoring show how develops of the civic and ethnic education of young persons in different regions, but also to exert timely influence in order to reduce conflict potential and create tolerance.


longitude; poly-ethnic region; monitoring of the ethnic conflicts; system of the school education; patriotism; culture of the interethnic relation; tolerance; conflict prevention


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