К. С. Кондратенко


Christianity is inseparably linked with the system of European values and lying at its base, gave rise not only outstanding monuments of national cultures, but also a special type of worldview that determined the point of view of Christians in the various aspects of the phenomena of the world, including, the aspects of war, hostility, aggression and violence. Conflictological component of Christianity, as shown by the author of the article, is secondary and derivative in relation to key aspects of Christian cosmopsychology. If Islam in Arabic means «submission», «surrender to God», Christianity can be interpreted as a religion that leads man from earth to heaven. Muslim after reciting the sha-hada as it already gets to heaven, to the city of God, to the earth of Allah; the Christian, on the contrary, must endeavour to achieve the coveted Castle, but is forced to return after that, in order to fulfill the will of God for people in need of assistance. The way of the Christian is the path from suffering to salvation, from bliss to debt, from debt to freedom, from freedom to the efforts and suffering. Conflicts accompany the Christian throughout the whole path. If the main conflict, in pursuit of a Muslim throughout his life is to defend the earth of Allah from the incessant onslaught of the infidels, the conflicts in the Christian life more diverse. The researching of these conflicts and their ontological connection with the Foundation of the Christian faith defines the content of this article.


conflictology; conflict; religious conflict; Christianity; religious war; war; religion; violence


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