Е. Н. Иванова, Ю. В. Королева


The article is concerned with urgent and not enough learned issue practicing mediators are often faced to. Professional burning out is a stable set of symptoms decreasing a level of professional efficiency and threatening quality of life, psychological, physical health and social well-being of specialists. In case of mediation which is at the stage of development, self-approval for spreading wildly throughout our country the problem of mediators' burning out seems to be especially significant, moreover because they work in the zone of conflict relationships between people connected with high level of emo-tional tension placing special demands to specialists. The survey results confirmed initial prepositions of a high level of burning out risks for mediators. It was shown that it has not linear character and is dependent of specialists' previous professional experience and age. There are the results the survey of three subgroups of mediators of different age and level of experience of work with people presented in the article. The typical emotional reactions provoking burning out were revealed and their dependence of the number of factors was shown. The most stressing for mediators types of clients and situations have been identified, the ways specialists use to counteract their negative influence have been analyzed and need to develop more effective methods of burning out symptoms counteraction and prevention was confirmed. The differences between the risks factors and specific of reacting to them in subgroups of mediators identified in the survey are to allow to take them into account while mediators professional preparation and to make burnout prevention more efficient.


professional burnout; mediators; risks factors; client types; emotional reacting; prevention


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