Л. М. Низова, И. Г. Кислицына


The study of the employment of disabled persons has made it possible to identify contradictions in legislative acts on the issues of the legal regulation of their labor, labor guarantees, the duration of the working week and the rights to annual leave, pay and working conditions as well as the role of an individual rehabilitation program for the employment of people with disabilities. Comparison of the forms of employment of disabled people abroad and in the Russian Federation showed their fundamental differences in terms of the attitude of employers to disabled people, the creation of special jobs (sheltered workshops), vocational training and reintegration. If in Europe and the United States more attention is paid to «supported employment» of disabled people, in Russia — to their social protection. The relationship between the state and the business community (employers) in matte of creating jobs and employing disabled people is also contradictory. Author's monitoring at the meso-economic level over the past five years has shown a decline in the number of created and quoted specialized workplaces for disabled people, a significant decrease in the number of self-employed and vocational training. At this background amount unemployed citizens has increased. A sociological survey among disabled people and employers made it possible to clarify the reasons for the aggravation of the situation in the labor market. So, employers named the main problems in the employment of disabled people the lack of financial resources to create specialized jobs, taking into account the individual rehabilitation program, in the disparity of education and qualifications a disabled person with available vacancies. Citizens with disabilities consider the lack of adapted jobs for the disabled, low wages and transport accessibility. To eliminate the above-mentioned problems and contradictions it is expedient to form a civilized labor market for the disabled (support, training, social responsibility, etc.) on the basis of developing partnerships between the state, employers and disabled public organizations.


employment; people with disabilities; labor market; workplace; employer; social responsibility; employment; social protection


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