И. А. Аленевский


In the article the author shows the contiguity of the two concepts of philosophy and conflict studies — the «will» and «conflict.» The scientific language of conflict resolution is often based on the terminology used by philosophers in discussions about the will. Its border concepts will and conflict found in the problem of free will, which is placed as a political and philosophical problem of the will to freedom. The aforesaid problem is opposed to the understanding of free will in analytic philosophy, as revealed in the concepts of the so-called continental philosophy, particularly the concepts of Augustine, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Gumilev. The author of the task of reconstruction of the phenomenon of will, which may relate various types of conflict. The phenomenon of the will reveals how persistence, determination and action, which are characterized by their own types of conflicts — intrapersonal, interpersonal, group. In a conflict the nature of the will reveals the phenomenon of the will, which distinguishes the European culture, primarily on ancient culture and philosophy of Aristotle, identifying the will and mind. The result should be considered as a dialogue of conflict studies and philosophy as a dialogue of science and ontology in which the concept of conflict can get their ontological content.


will; freedom; conflict; straggle; determination; goal; action; crisis of civilization


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