П. А. Щуплов


The article presents a systemic analysis of concepts such as «corruption» and «terrorism». Discusses the character of interrelation of these concepts in the context of contemporary socio-political realities denoted as a post-truth politics. Touches upon some aspects of national policy, national state, human rights, freedom of expression, past, present and future. Touches on the metaphysical aspect of the phenomenon of power. What is good for the country is not always good for the state and Vice versa. Some foreign and domestic experts in the field of improvement of state believe that, given the number of geo¬political factors, the device according to the principle of «hard authoritarianism» is optimal for a country like Russia. Fear as a weapon of mass destruction, implies respect and love. The discrepancy is in many respects the concepts of «good» and «law» is with regard to humanitarian progress and development of civilization is very serious problem. The demonstration of private life today is the weapon of propaganda. The wide public is invited artificially simulated pattern called «objective reality», the violation of conventional boundaries which is punishable by law established «Brahmins» — the World Government-protected «ksatriya» of individual countries. Paradoxically, as already noted, in the context of complex socio-political contemporary reality characterized by the concepts of «post-truth» and «postinformation» terrorized, however, are the such as manufacturers of terror. «Corruption» and «terrorism» as the most important social issues that should be free from any kind of political taboo a subject of public debate. Terrorism is an expression of the metaphysical nothing seduces a immature soul with the promise meaning the promise of «genuine» reality, offered in return for real plastmassism of capitalistical world.


national policy; public opinion; freedom of speech; corruption; terrorism; metastability; postinformation; post-truth politics; propaganda; world government; blackmail


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