Analysis of Fundamental Concepts of Revolution (for Protest Movement in Egypt in 2011-2013)

А. В. Липеев


With the investigation into Egypt crisis 2011-2013 the article exam¬ines the ability of the well-known theories of major social change (Modernization theory, Leninism and Nonviolent resistance) to explain revolutionary transforma¬tions in developing countries under modern conditions. The conclusion denotes ad¬vantages and drawbacks of these theories as well as challenges the future concepts of revolution is to face.


developing countries; revolution; Modernization theory; Leninism; colour revolution; Arab spring; Egypt

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Зеленев Е. И. Смута? Анархия? Революция? // Протестные движения в арабских странах: предпосылки, особенности, перспективы. М., 2012.

Крылов В. В. Теория формаций. М., 1997.


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