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G. G. Gazimagomedov, A. V. Makarin, A. I. Strebkov


Аrticle is devoted to problems of interaction of civil society and the government. The problem of interrelation of the state and civil society ― is a question of interaction of classes in society. Authors come to a conclusion, ― the state is a product of civil society which class division is a consequence of division of labor, domination of the commodity-money relations, the capital, the competition, exchange and distribution. Therefore the state can't be above the public power. Not only the government exerts impact on civil society, and first of all civil society influences the state. However similar influence is limited to influence of ruling classes, protection of a certain interest of this class ― have arrived that leads to emergence of the individual, at the same time and social discontent following also from the policy of the state focused on protection of this interest. The aspiration of social classes to release itself from those conditions which a heavy burden lay down on their shoulders generates the local and general opposition social movements. The movements are reflection of local discontent, the discontent in the Russian reality has abstract character and only in some of them it is quite realized, has the theoretical justification and is carried out in due form political struggle.


civil society, state; political conflict; classes


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