S. V. Oleynikov


This article discusses the existing threats and approaches to the implementation of information confrontation, the problems of information-psychological and cognitive security in the global dimension. The main methods and means of informational influence on the mass audience, actively used by traditional media and now new media, are presented. The analysis of modern literary sources allowed us to conclude that modern science pays a lot of attention to the problems of information security. At the same time, there is a dominance of research ascertaining nature, limited to the description of destructive phenomena. In this connection, it was noted the need to develop real measures that can prevent the negative effects of information exposure, increasing the cognitive security of network users. The use of the concepts of information and national security in one synonymous row brings the problem of countering information terrorism far beyond the purely scientific sphere. The participation of state and public institutions, including the media, in the development of protective mechanisms for the safe use of network resources can significantly enhance the effect and minimize the development of destructive manifestations. The article also provides examples of the use of manipulation, disinformation and soft power in the framework of information wars and shows their relevance both in historical retrospect and nowadays. The global tendencies of informational confrontation in the political, economic, ideological spheres are the result of the existence of civilizational systems that are diametrically opposite in nature both in synchrony and in diachrony. The problem of information security at the local level to a greater extent acquires an applied nature and is amenable to analysis in the context of a specific socio-cultural situation. Thus, the article presents data on the manifestation of information confrontation in Pridnestrovye and attitudes towards attempts by official media to increase the degree of tension in the region.


информация; война; манипуляция; дезинформация; сила; угроза

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