E. N. Ivanova, M. G. Dobryakova, I. E. Loginova


The article is devoted to the urgent problem of conflict in educational departments. Possibilities of different types of mediation implementation in the system of secondary specialized education are discussed on the example of successful experience of mediators’ practice in the one of Petersburg colleges. The presence of enough legal and administrative bases for mediation application in the system of secondary specialized education is shown. Practical absence of such activities compare with the similar work on mediation implementation in schools was noticed. There were several most widely spread conflict types in the college and their similarity with school problems are identified. Specific features of conflicting parties in college and connected with them complication were appointed. On the particular cases examples the technology of problem management are shown, the factors and dynamics of the situations development are analyzed and the results of mediator’s professional penetration are displayed. The accent on need of neutral objective approach of conflict resolution specialists to conflict participants and significance of the college administration readiness to not formal participation in the process of mediation implementation is made. The hardness of taking responsibility for the investment to conflict arising and escalation by the parties, especially the adult ones, is identified. Here is the need and possibility to help conflictants to get aware of the idea that conflict is a result of actions from both sides. The prolonged influence of mediations conducting and their positive aside effects are shown. The plans of future mediation development in college are presented and recommendations for spreading these practices in the system of secondary specialized education is made.


mediation practice; secondary specialized education; college; practical cases; conflict management; legal bases; specific; parties; administration; efficiency

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