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Rationaliz Entrepreneurship in The Modernization of Russia: Problems and Contradictions (Regional Aspect)

А. И. Тюленев


On the basis of modernist and postmodernist methodologies attempt to diagnose the type of personal qualities and behavioral motives entrepreneurs Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Mari El. Principles, concepts, approaches and techniques of modernist and postmodernist paradigms used for the processing, analysis and systematization of data copyright of sociological studies conducted in 2009 and 2013 in Tatarstan and Mari El in the form of expert interviews. The experts were specialists in the history and theory of entrepreneurship for its regeneration, functioning and development, as well as self-employed businessmen these republics. Application Research of modernist and postmodernist device paradigms to the diagnosis of personality characteristics and internal impulses business entities doing business in Tatarstan and Mari El, possible to determine the type of entrepreneurial personality traits and motives prevailing in the regional business environment, mainly as a traditional-oriented material streamlining business practices. Of particular interest in terms of predicting the immediate prospects of development of personal qualities and motivations of business entrepreneurs Republics of Tatarstan and Mari El are identified in the primary analysis of the opinions and estimates of trends in the evolution of experts mainly traditional behavioral motives and personal qualities of the business community towards their gradual transformation into contemporary type of entrepreneurial business motivations and personal characteristics. However, as the results of expert interviews, the trend to upgrade traditional personality traits and behavioral motivations of business activity in both republics expressed very weakly, their development is disordered, unstable nonlinear, stochastic. This causes some concern about the institutionalization in the foreseeable future in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Mari El entrepreneurship formal rational type.


entrepreneurship; rationalization; material rationality; formal rationality; postmaterial rationality; modernization; modern; postmodern


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