O. V. Lagutin


The article discusses the problem of finding a new model of Russian identity. The national-civilizational type of identity is analyzed, as this level of identity accumulates the meanings of the organic existence and activity of the Russian people, its values. The text of the article has been prepared within the framework of the project «Government identity policy: conceptual foundations, technologies and perspectives», RFBR grant No. 19-011-31616. The civilizational level of identity allows to "launch" the state-forming role of the Russian people, its political function, to observe parity with other types of identities, and the state is called here to play a key role as the main political institution and the source of forms of social life. It also focuses on the principles of state identity politics that can be demanded in modern Russia — the subjectivity and sovereignty of the Russian state. The paper attempts to consider the institution of a megaproject as an instrument of state identity politics in modern Russia. The national-civilization al-civilization type of identity has a modernizing potential, as it shapes the global prospects of activity, mobilizes first of all the titular nation to carry out its historically established type economic activity. Megaprojects play the role of material and symbolic markers of the unification of the nation and the locomotive of economic and technological development, which are large-scale public investment projects aimed at fulfilling programs related to the qualitative structural development of the socio-economic and infrastructure sector of a strategically important part of the country. Implementation of megaprojects can have a beneficial effect on the prospects for further development of the whole society. The institutional basis for the implementation of megaprojects are strategic sectors of the national economy, united in large state holdings. It is on their basis that the Russian version of state capitalism is built, and the main resources of the country's development are concentrated here. The results of the megaprojects represent the material-symbolic elements of the national-civilization identity of Russians, and a purposeful state policy in this direction contributes to solving the problem of its search.


state identity politics; national-civilizational identity; modernization; megaproject; tradition; self-identification; Russian statehood


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