Phenomenon оf Children Indigo: Construction оf Myth оr а Reality оf Prefigurative Society (Social-Philosophical Analysis)

С. Л. Шалаева


In article from socio-philosophical positions the phenomenon of the Indigo children is considered. The investigated phenomenon has arisen in western social and human sciences and practice in the 70-s of the XX-th century. The created term has started to extend widely in foreign, and after that and in the national arena. The author allocates six principal causes which promoted occurrence and distribution of this term in the modern social and human discourse. Among them first of all it is possible to allocate personal and behavioral features of modern children, rapid change of the character of the intergenerational relations in which the growth of conflictness is inherent and which accept the transformed forms.

The majority of the named reasons are caused by the public changes during the epoch of globalization, postmodern and rapidly extending liberal values and ideas. Under their influence many elements and even the bases of traditional culture of the people are rapidly changing. Nevertheless, the research have led the author to a conclusion that the concept «Indigo Children» contains a considerable number of far-fetched, mythologized and opportunistic views. At the heart of this mythologization and opportunism (subjectivity), the clear objective bases lay. The basic lines of the Childhood (Indigo Children) are unusually interconnected with the so called prefigurative culture, which is characterized by change of social roles, social statuses in system of public relations.

As a whole, the situation which has developed in modern social and human sciences on a problem of Indigo Children can be characterised as controversial and largely mythologized.


indigo children; changed culture; relations of generations; artificial myths of relation of generations; crisis of relations of generations; globalisation and its consequences

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