Л. М. Низова, К. С. Виногорова


The priorities and problems of the implementation of the national project “Education” at the level of a comprehensive school in the region are investigated. The factors of the origin of conflict zones and types of conflicts based on the analysis of contradictions of the opinions of scientists are revealed. The role of unity and struggle of opposites as a phenomenon of overcoming conflicts is determined. Based on the author’s monitoring of the education management system in the Mari El Republic, the positive and negative dynamics of the number of educational organizations studying in them and in the system of additional education over the past five years, the enrollment of students in specialized education, as well as the dynamics of participants in the regional and final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren were revealed. Particular attention is paid to the study of the state of modernization of the regional system of general education in the framework of the national project, highlighting such priorities as computerization, replenishment of the school library stock, improving the quality of education and developing the personnel potential of the industry. According to the authors, the resolution of such problems as the creation of effective mechanisms for financing educational services in organizations with a weak social infrastructure, the availability of high-quality education, the low attractiveness of working conditions and the level of salaries of teachers, and others remain incomplete. To eliminate them, it is necessary to apply such measures as the further development of innovative forms of the education system, the strengthening of interdepartmental bodies and organizations to increase the educational needs of the population, the creation of a specialized financing system for the modernization of educational institutions, as well as the increase in the level of professionalism of teachers. Their actualization at the present stage contributes to the reduction of conflict zones in the education system.


сonflict zones; educational institutions; students; computerization; infrastructure; teachers


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