Н. Г. Гузынин


in the historical context of Russia, the correlation and interrelation of the concepts and values of freedom with justice and equality are considered. It is shown that in Russian society, historically, based on the Byzantine model of the relationship between the state and the Church, these institutions nurtured humility, patience, and asceticism to all the vicissitudes of life in the mentality and way of life of the Russian people. This is why the consciousness of the Russian ethnic group has a special craving for permanent affirmation of the values of equality and justice in everyday life at different times and periods. The discontent of the masses, which resulted in riots, uprisings, and other forms of protest, was the result of their feeling that the rich and the authorities were violating equality and justice in their way of life. The article shows the mediative role of justice in relation to equality and freedom and the constant mental perception of equality as justice in Russian historical realities. Special attention is paid to understanding the reasons for the ineradicable desire of Russian society for justice, which turns into opposites of injustice and inequality. An important statement is the idea that in Russian society it is necessary to form objective and subjective conditions that root the value of freedom, without which justice cannot be fully established. The author emphasizes the need to make a change in the culture and mentality of Russians in the understanding that justice without freedom is unfair, and justice is just only in Union with freedom. It is the transition from the confrontational model of “justice against freedom” to the model of “just justice based on freedom” that will largely determine the civilizational breakthrough to a successful future for Russia.


freedom; justice; equality; state; alternative; paternalism; egalitarianism; responsibility; freedom; value; culture; mentality


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31312/2310-6085-2020-15-4-24-33


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