А. Н. Сухов


This article reveals the relevance of the study of intrapersonal constructive conflicts, as well as the essence of the socio-psychological approach to understanding this type of conflict. It analyzes the difficulties that occur in defining the concept and structure of intrapersonal constructive conflicts. This type of conflict is associated with a positive model of success, career growth, and personal development. If an intrapersonal constructive conflict, its positive model is associated with an honest model of success, career and development, rather than a deformed one, then we can talk about success, career and development. The value of conflicts is related to their role in professional activities in science, medicine, judicial practice, sports, etc. Indeed, truth is born in a dispute, i.e. in the course of constructive conflicts. It is impossible to imagine scientific activity outside of discussions, discussions, and opposition. Constructive conflicts help to make a diagnosis during medical consultations, prove the truth in court competitions, and set records in sports competitions. It is not by chance that the most important task is to create a full-fledged theory of intrapersonal constructive conflicts. Without this, it is impossible to talk about effective settlement and resolution of social conflicts. The theory of intrapersonal constructive conflicts is an integral part of social conflictology. There is still a lot of work to be done, both in theory and in application, for its full implementation. At present, there is an urgent need to develop conflict-related competence not only for professionals, but also for various groups of the population.


intrapersonal constructive conflict; structure; social representations; cognitive dissonance; success; career; development


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